Software Developer

SynchroDynamic Software

Jan 2018 – Present

Responsibilities include planning, execution, and testing of projects for clients with varying needs. Also responsible for client relations as well as administrative duties (Estimating, contracting, and invoicing)

Construction Engineer

United States Army Reserve

May 2010 – May 2019

construct and manage construcion projects from wooden and steel buildings to laying concrete foundations.

Junior Software Developer

Hamacher Resource Group, Inc.

  1. Designed and implemented a visual interpretation of Database transactions.
    1. Application was built in .NET Framework using C#.
      1. Application was able to diagnose:
        1. transaction heavy scripts
        2. give real-time spins, waits, and collisions related to each database. Displayed in easy to use graphical interface.
  2. Converted 113 SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) from MSSQL 2000 using
  3. Visual Basic to MSSQL 2012 C#.